Our Mission

To eliminate breast cancer care inequalities by transforming the speed, cost and accuracy of recurrence risk prediction

Our Story

As medical research scientists, ‘hope’ as a strategy for cancer care was not an option.  We wanted to turn the hope that clinicians and their patients would get an accurate predictive test in good time, and at an affordable price, into a reality.
For patients, the risk of cancer recurrence is one of their greatest fears.  For clinicians, the risk of recurrence is a key indicator to guide post-operative care, provide a personalised medicinal approach, and forms a critical part of the treatment decision-making pathway that guides whether chemotherapy is required or not.
So, we started a digital revolution in cancer risk and understanding.  
By uniquely combining infrared multi-spectral imaging (spectrometry) with artificial intelligence we made a breakthrough. 
We developed a way of eliminating the subjectivity inherent in traditional biomarker analysis… In a radically faster way … At a dramatically lower cost. 
Thereby creating an opportunity to accelerate informed treatment decision-making and advance cancer patient outcomes.

What the experts say

“We now have the opportunity to offer decision making power currently inaccessible to many because its either too expensive or too slow”.
Hemmel Amrania, CEO
DNA molecules on the natural background