How Digistain Works?

Digistain® works biologically downstream using a proprietary method to measure markers at the protein level to deliver a robust and personalised risk score for cancer therapy guidance

How it works

Different chemical groups in a biomolecule absorb infrared (IR) light at very specific wavelengths. Chemists currently use this, in the form of IR spectrometry, to analyse chemistry and deduce the compositions of large molecules.  The use of spectrometry is used in various fields of science and technology including chemical analysis, environmental monitoring, material characterisation, forensic analysis, and astronomical studies.

Digistain is pioneering the growing use of spectrometry in cancer diagnostics. Through biopsy imaging, we analyse wavelengths that are known to be absorbed by nucleic acids and cell proteins.  This imaging approach enables us to measure chemical concentrations associated with tumour malignancy, precisely determine the characteristics of cancer cells and quantify validated pathology markers correlated to tumour proliferation.
Our technology captures a unique spectral signature from each biopsy and performs analysis on over 10,000 data points per biopsy.  Using this data, Digistain’s proprietary artificial intelligence identifies risk profiling patterns and computes an accurate risk score – the Digistain Prognostic Score.  The score provides clinicians with a single-digit number predicting the proliferation risk of sample cancer cells to guide diagnosis and adjuvant (post-surgery) chemotherapy decision-making.
How it works slide detail
Digistain's point-of-care device has undergone several clinical trials, which have shown that it is able to generate an objective diagnostic score with prognostic ability.

H&E Stained

Stained tissue
Unstained Tissue

DIGISTAIN® Optical Scan

Image on the left shows traditional H&E staining approach. Image on the right shows Digistain approach with greater tumour contrast and detail enabling higher precision measurement

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