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Why Digistain?

Digistain is a UK Medicine & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) cleared risk profiling test for breast cancer patients.  It predicts the likelihood of post-surgery breast cancer recurrence and helps your clinical team decide if chemotherapy is required or can be avoided.

Digistain is suitable for you if you have been diagnosed with invasive breast cancer who are Stage 1 or 2, HER2-, ER+ or equal to or less than 3 malignant lymph nodes.
The test has been designed by leading cancer research scientists with two things in mind to better serve the needs of patients – TIME and COST.
TIME: The test is very fast which enables your physician to make critical decisions about your treatment much more quickly than traditional cancer risk-scoring tests. 
COST: We are committed to eliminating economic inequalities that exist in global healthcare. The technology behind Digistain enables the test to be generated at a fraction of the cost of expensive traditional testing methods.

Designed for invasive breast cancer patients who are:

Stage 1 - 2
up to 3 positive lymph nodes

Digistain is suitable for women with Stage 1 to Stage 2 invasive breast cancer that is hormone receptor-positive, HER2- and with no more than three affected lymph nodes.

Breast cancer survivor Samantha Womack in conversation with Digistain

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