Digistain Technology Features & Advantages

Digistain® works biologically downstream using a proprietary method to measure markers at the protein level to deliver a robust and personalised risk score for cancer therapy guidance

PROVEN – demonstrated predictive power equivalence to best in class NICE approved tumour profiling tests

FAST takes less than one hour with results quickly returned to the healthcare provider, thereby cutting decision times from months and weeks to days

ACCESSIBLE – low-cost process and fast turnaround enables more patients to access the best care

CLEAR – provides an easy-to-read pathology report with a clear low or high-risk score on the likelihood of breast cancer recurrence in the next 5-10 years

PRECISE – delivers prognostic accuracy by measuring protein biomarkers, therefore, avoiding the tissue processing variability and reproducibility issues associated with traditional wet-chemistry genomic tests

APPLICABLE – has broad ethnic applicability and is suitable for people all around the world

COMPATIBLE – works with current hospital diagnostic workflows, supported by robust quality management systems, and applied to already available tumour samples prepared using standard processing methods

ENVIROMENTAL – avoids the high carbon footprint associated with genomic tests that require large volumes of chemical reagents and are typically only processed in the US so creating further environmental impact as samples are shipped by air

time cost 1

No change to workflow using Digistain®

workflow diagram